Tyre oil plant

Supplier of scrap tire to oil machine

Here comes the DOING GROUP scrap tire to oil machine, it adopts the 100% recycling pyrolysis technology. The pyrolysis technology is characterized by ...

Plastic to oil

New Opportunity in Mexico on plastic recycling to oil machine

Pyrolysis plants for plastic recycling to oil machine investment has been mature in some areas of Mexico for years. To some extent, it is more conveni...

Plastic to oil

Pyrolysis plastic to oil plant

Pyrolysis plastic to oil plant function:Pyrolysis plastic to oil plant is designed not only for waste waste plastic recycling, but also pyrolysis wast...

Pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plant

Most of people know pyrolysis plant can disposal waste tires, waste plastic and waste rubber to usefull energy, like fuel oil, carbon black and diesel...

Plastic to oil

Waste to energy-plastic to oil plant

Waste to energy-plastic to oil plant manufactured by DOING company is suitable for waste plastic recycling, waste tyre recycling, just separate the wa...

Machine accessories

Vaccuum system of pyrolysis plant

When it comes to oil refining of pyrolysis plant field or relevant industries, people will smell the danger in them. It takes much higher temperature ...

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