Plastic to oil

Pyrolysis plastic to oil machinery

Pyrolysis plastic to oil machineryPyrolysis plastic to oil machinery which can transfer the the plastics into oil in normal pressure. In general 2.5 t...

Tyre oil plant

Tyre to oil plant with pyrolysis technology

Tyre to oil plant can pyrolysis the waste tyre. End product: crude oil,steal wire and carbon black. And The whole operation process does not have a bi...

Plastic to oil

Waste plastic to oil plant by pyrolysis

Pyrolysis plastic to oilPyrolysis is process of molecular breakdown where larger molecules are broken down into smaller molecules.DOING GROUP is a wel...

Plastic to oil

Convert plastic to fuel oil line

Convert plastic to oil is a new technology. By the technology, we can convert the plastic, which is seen as waste to oil. With years researching and d...

Pyrolysis plant

Financial analysis of pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis Plant can disposal waste tires and plastic to crude oil which supply by Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Pyrolysis plant not only c...

Waste oil distillation plant

Waste engine oil distillation plant

Waste engine oil distillation plant, is also called oil refining machine. It can refining waste oil(waste engine oil,motor oil, tyre oil, plastic ...

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