Plastic to oil

Waste Plastic to Oil Machine supplier

Welcome To Waste Plastic to Oil Machine supplier -DOING CompanyDOING GROUP has 8 year experience on waste plastic to oil machine, waste tire pyrolysis...

Waste oil refinery

Waste motor&engine oil refinery machine

Waste oil refinery machine is a machine converts waste oil to diesel. It is  an effective machine for recycling waste oil.We adopt vacuum distill...

Waste oil refinery

Waste oil refinery machine&plant

Doing waste oil refinery machine is machine to convert waste oil to diesel. The waste oil can be waste engine oil, waste motor oil, and waste plastic ...

Plastic pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis plastic to fuel oil recycling plant

The main part of the pyrolysis plant is the condenser and reactor. The reactor is made by the steel quality Q245R, Condenser is used to cool the oil g...

Waste recycling machine

Pyrolysis tyre recycling plant

The tyre pyrolysis recycling plant is beneficial to the environment:1.       Feed the raw material into the reactor, clo...

Pyrolysis plant

Environmental pyrolysis plant

1.       Well designed dedusting system to remove the ash and impurity in the waste gas, even if that we do not need the...

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