Plastic pyrolysis plant

Scrap plastic recycling pyrolysis plant

The scrap plastic recycling pyrolysis plant can convert the scrap plastic to fuel oil. The plant made by Henan doing mechanical equipment has a...

Pyrolysis oil plant

Waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil application

Pyrolysis oil is oil extracted from the waste plastic or waste tyre. The pyrolysis oil is a good energy for heating. Nowadays more and more countries ...

Plastic to oil

Convert waste platic to fuel oil plant

Convert waste plastic to fuel oil plantThe waste plastic now has become a serious pollution to our environment; always they are dumped or land filled....

Waste oil distillation plant

High oil yield waste engine oil distillation plant

Firstly of all we need to put the waste oil into the reactor by our specialized oil pump. Then heat the reactor.During this step the liquid oil will b...

Waste oil refinery

Waste tyre oil refinery plant

Waste tyre oil refinery plant is a process to convert the waste tyre oil. The technology is environmental friendly and energy saving. What is more the...

Waste oil distillation plant

Specifications of waste oil distillation plant

Safety: Safety is the most important factor of the whole process. We Xinxiang doing renewable equipment has the special device to ensure th...

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