Plastic to oil

Recycling of waste plastic to oil machine

Plastic to oil As the application of the plastic products becomes wider and wider, the pollution caused by plastic waste is also a huge problem. Some ...

Plastic pyrolysis plant

Plastic pyrolysis plant design

Waste plastic pyrolysis plantThe plastic pyrolysis plant designed to turn waste plastic to fuel oil and carbon black. As a professional manufacturer o...

Waste oil distillation plant

Plastic to diesel process distillation plant

Waste plastic to diesel process distillation plantAs the speed development of plastic industries, the application of plastic products has been becomin...

Pyrolysis plant

Scrap tire derived fuel pyrolysis plant


Pyrolysis plant

Port loading of our scrap used tires disposal pyrolysis plant delivered to Itali

Port loading of our scrap used tires recycling pyrolysis plant delivered to ItaliaJuly 20, 2016, Our factory delivered one set of 10ton scrap used tir...

Tyre pyrolysis plant

Used tyres into fuel oil recycling equipment

Used tyres into fuel oil recycling equipment:    Used tyres recyclingWhat is pyrolysis:Plastic and tire pyrolysis involves subjecting plasti...

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