Small scale tyres to oil machine delivery to Burkina Faso

On December 2, one set 1T/D tyres to oil machine customized by a customer from Burkina Faso was successfully delivered. ...

  Company news |  2018-12-6  |  Read more

Waste tyre pyrolysis machines delivered to AnHui, China

On November 30, 2 sets waste tyre pyrolysis machines and one set waste oil recycling plant were delivered to AnHui, Chin...

  Company news |  2018-12-6  |  Read more

Used tyre to oil recycling plant delivery to Philippines

On November 27, one set 12T/D used tyre to oil recycling plant supplied by DOING was successful...

  Company news |  2018-11-30  |  Read more

Used motor oil recycling plant delivered to Malaysia

On November 23, we delivered one set used motor oil recycling plant with a capacity of 5 ton per day to Malaysia. The us...

  Company news |  2018-11-30  |  Read more

What factors affect the price of waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant ?

The waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant price is the most important factor that influences the cost of waste tyre to oil p...

  Industry news |  2018-11-29  |  Read more

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant delivered to Gansu,China

Congratulations! On November 11rd, 2018, we DOING Machinery delivered one set 10T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant to Gan...

  Company news |  2018-11-27  |  Read more

The newest generation pyrolysis tyre machinery delivered to Zhoukou, China

On November 17th, one waste tyre to oil production line ordered by customer in Zhoukou, Henan Province was del...

  Company news |  2018-11-22  |  Read more

Waste tyre to fuel oil pyrolysis plant delivered to Henan, China

On November 15, 2018, one set 12T/D waste tyre to fuel oil pyrolysis plant purchased by a customer in Luoyang, Henan Pro...

  Company news |  2018-11-19  |  Read more

DOING Company sincerely invites you to visit the International Trade Fair in Lagos´╝ü

China Commodities Expo-Nigeria 2018Henan Doing Machinery will attend China Commodities Expo-Nigeria 2018 that will be he...

  Company news |  2018-11-3  |  Read more

12T/D waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant delivered to Heilongjiang Province, China

Congratulations to Heilongjiang customers' 12T/D waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant was smoothly delivered last week....

  Industry news |  2018-10-15  |  Read more

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