One 12T/D waste tire pyrolysis plant was transported to Sanmenxia City

Yesterday, one 12T/D pyrolysis plant was sent to Sanmenxia City. The customers mainly wanted to dispose of waste tires t...

  Company news |  2018-8-6  |  Read more

How does the US waste plastics market change after China’s “Forbidden Waste Order” ?

The United States is the world's largest producer of waste plastics. According to the United Nations Trade Statistic...

  Industry news |  2018-7-16  |  Read more

Hubei 4 sets 10T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant delivery

Hubei Tongshan's customers previously have operated a earth furnace stove. Due to the importance attached by the sta...

  Company news |  2018-7-11  |  Read more

2 sets 12T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plant were shipped to Inner Mongolia

The customer from Inner Mongolia was operated waste tyre recycling business before he investment the waste tyre pyro...

  Company news |  2018-7-4  |  Read more

DOING Company in Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair 2018 in Tanzania

Responding to the request of the majority of Tanzanian customers, and the company's prospects for further expansion ...

  Company news |  2018-7-4  |  Read more

Yunnan customers purchased a set of 12-ton pyrolysis plant transported yesterday

12 t pyrolysis plant in our factoryYunnan customers purchased one set of 12-ton pyrolysis plant from us. 12 T pyrolysis ...

  Company news |  2018-6-5  |  Read more

3 sets 10T waste tire pyrolysis plant started operating of customers from Zhanjiang city, Guangdong

The customers from Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, are most satisfied with our equipment after consulting several pyrolys...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2018-5-21  |  Read more

2018 outdoor training Of DoingGroup

DoingGroup teamOn May 11th, 2018, in the Wenhui Villa of Baisha Reservoir in Dengfeng City, we began a two-day extension...

  Company news |  2018-5-15  |  Read more

Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant delivered to Czech

A set of 12t waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant was delivered to Czech on 26th August.A set of advanced...

  Company news |  2017-8-31  |  Read more

10T/D waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant delivered to Philippines

Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant was loading Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant waste loading Waste tyre recycling...

  Company news |  2017-8-31  |  Read more

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