Waste tire pyrolysis machine and 1Ton capacity waste tire oil distillation plant will be delivered

Our customer from Lebanon who visited our factory in January to place order for one set 1ton capacity waste tire pyrolys...

  Company news |  2016-4-14  |  Read more

1Ton capacity waste plasitc into fuel oil machine is ready for delivery

Waste plasitc into fuel oil machine will be deliveriedNow more and more customers tend to consider smaller capacity wast...

  Company news |  2016-4-1  |  Read more

DOING waste tire/plastic oil refining plant Increased Processing Capacity to 20Ton/day

New tech DOING waste  tire/plastic oil refining plant is always known for its high working efficiency, high oil out...

  Refining news |  2016-3-25  |  Read more

DOING Mini capacity 1ton/day waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant ready for delivery

Now 1ton capacity waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant is ready for delivery in our factory. Waste tire recycling pyroly...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2016-3-19  |  Read more

To install waste tIre pyrolysis plant in Columbia

To install waste tire pyrolysis plant in ColumbiaThis Columbia customer bought one set of waste tire pyrolysis plant and...

  Company news |  2016-3-11  |  Read more

Customer from India will visit DOING for ordering waste plastic oil distillation machine

In Mid March there will be customer from India who will finalize with us on our new-tech waste plastic oil distillation ...

  Company news |  2016-3-11  |  Read more

Customer from Chile will visit our plastic tyre reycling plant factory in early March 2016

Plastic and tyre recycling plantAfter more than 6 months’ online communication with our customer antoine, he i...

  Company news |  2016-1-28  |  Read more

Customers from Lebanon purchase our waste plastic pyrolysis plant

 Waste plastic pyrolysis plantAfter staying two days with us, our Lebanon customers Zahi and Joseph signed the sale...

  Company news |  2016-1-21  |  Read more

Columbia customer bought Doing waste tyre oil extraction process plant and oil distillation machine

Januaray12,2016, our factory deliverred two sets of pyrolysis plant  for our Columbia customers. This Columbia cust...

  Company news |  2016-1-14  |  Read more

​Congratulations ! Januaray12,2016,

 ! JanuCongratulationsaray12,2016, our factory deliverred two sets of pyrolysis machine  for our Columbia cust...

  Industry news |  2016-1-14  |  Read more

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