Waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivery to Nigeria

 Waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivery to NigeriaOur Nigerian customers visited us in September, the waste tyre pyrol...

  Industry news |  2017-3-4  |  Read more

Small scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant delivered to Italy


  Company news |  2017-1-17  |  Read more

10T/D continuous pyrolysis tire to fuel recycling plant delivered to Georgia


  Company news |  2016-12-13  |  Read more

Guatemala customer feedback to waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic recycling pyrolysis plant installed  Guatemala 2016The Guatemala customer is a German gentleman with ...

  Company news |  2016-12-1  |  Read more

Pyrolysis plant and distillation plant for Chile customer finished delivery

Our Chile customer gave us quite a big order which includes one set 10ton capacity complete set waste tire pyrolysis pla...

  Company news |  2016-11-16  |  Read more

The 22th waste tyre pyrolysis machine delivered to Mexico

As the waste tyre recycling to fuel oil project become more and more popular, our waste tyre pyrolysis machines have bee...

  Company news |  2016-10-13  |  Read more

Cost of the used tyre disposal to fuel oil pyrolysis plant

Cost of the used tyre disposal to fuel oil pyrolysis plantSince along with world economies progressing by leaps and boun...

  Company news |  2016-8-5  |  Read more

DOING two sets 10tons capacity pyrolysis plants in Egypt

The Egypt customer buys DOING two sets 10tons capacity pyrolysis plants in the end of 2014,he is very confident to this ...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2016-6-1  |  Read more

Distallation of waste tire pyrolysis machine in Panama

Congratulations again! Our engineer successfully got his Panama visa and he will fly to Panama to install machines for o...

  Company news |  2016-5-31  |  Read more

Aruba ordered one set latest capacity 10Ton waste tire pyrolysis plant

Our customer from Aruba. He has been looking for waste tire recycling plant since the year 2011. Then he discovered our ...

  Company news |  2016-5-31  |  Read more

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