Waste tire recycling to fuel oil line

With the rapid development of the world automobile industry and transportation industry, waste tire recycling and renewa...

  Recycling news |  2013-10-31  |  Read more

Waste tire pyrolysis machine will attend 2013 Vietnamese International Exhibition

Waste tire pyrolysis machine of Doing Group will attend 2013 Vietnamese International Agriculture and Mechanical Equipme...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2013-10-31  |  Read more

Dust removal equipment in waste tire pyrolysis plant

  Applicable scope: the dust emissions from burning of coal, gas, straw and oil Working theory: extrusion water i...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2013-10-28  |  Read more

Some factors about development of waste tire oil refining equipment

  Waste tires oil refining equipment belonging to an oil refining equipment, in the development process also encou...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2013-10-28  |  Read more

An annual output of 10,000 tons of waste tires pyrolysis feasibility partial report

  Waste tire pyrolysis technology in the implementation process , especially the technology from the laboratory sc...

  Industry news |  2013-10-28  |  Read more

Automatic rotary waste tire pyrolysis equipment

  The company has been committed to the research waste tires pyrolysis technology and equipment,&n...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2013-10-26  |  Read more

Black pollution to green wealth, waste tires recycling become the star

  Eating is waste tires generation is 3 "baby": industrial oil, powdered carbon bl...

  Recycling news |  2013-10-26  |  Read more

Characteristics of waste tires oil refining technology and equipment

  Waste tires oil refining equipment utilization as an important resource for pollution and waste tire recycling, ...

  Refining news |  2013-10-26  |  Read more

What should you do about refining of tire plant?

  A. Research the Market of your country •      a. The price of oil (fuel oil and diesel...

  Company news |  2013-10-24  |  Read more

Raw materials selection and market value of waste tire oil refining

&nbspSpeaking of waste tires oil refining , we first want to focus on the issue is probably more material , where th...

  Industry news |  2013-10-21  |  Read more

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