Waste tire pyrolysis technology is very beneficial to humans

Cracking the waste tire is the main way to convert scrap tires into renewable energy and another renewable resources,...

  Recycling news |  2012-8-11  |  Read more

What is waste rubber?

What is waste rubber in China? As fellows: The definition:Waste rubber is a kind of solid waster, the main source is wa...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012-8-11  |  Read more

The industry of waste tires recycling has a bright prospect

With auto industry growing strongly, 50%-55% raw rubber is used for tire manufacturing every year. Auto should change ...

  Used tires/tyres news |  2012-8-10  |  Read more

In this month,Doing meeting had been held in a holiday center.

After all of us at Doing of the joint efforts over a month, finally a good performance had been obtained. In order to ma...

  Company news |  2012-8-8  |  Read more

Waste plastic is not just garbage but can be recycled

As using the plastic products widely in the world, waste plastic is also increasing, which has caused serious "white ...

  Recycling news |  2012-7-30  |  Read more

The research and development of waste tyre pyrolysis plant is a hard process.

When we enjoy more convenient living brought with the development of automobile industry and plastic industry, waste tir...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2012-7-30  |  Read more

Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2011

Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2011. Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co...

  Company news |  2012-7-27  |  Read more

Doing HR

Doing Talents IdeaCreating a core competitive ability to support the permanent business operation for Doing by c...

  Company news |  2012-7-27  |  Read more

Waste tire pyrolysis technology can make our world better

Recycling (tire machine) is a process turning waste into renewable material, also a method and technology that can not...

  Recycling news |  2012-7-26  |  Read more

How can we conduct the environmental analysis?

Environmental protection is that the actions people taking to solve the realistic or potential environmental problem,...

  Recycling news |  2012-7-26  |  Read more

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