The development of the waste tyre disposal

As we know with the development of the world auto industry, the scrap vehicle tyres makes a significant contributions to...

  Recycling news |  2014-9-25  |  Read more

How pressure influences oil yield rate of tyre pyrolysis

As we know in the theory the pressure is not related to the pyrolysis reaction The thermo chemical reaction is usually p...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2014-9-23  |  Read more

General introduction of Plastic to oil pyrolysis plant of henan doing

 Plastic industry is one of the world''''s largest consumers of oil over five million barrels a day are used in the ...

  Recycling news |  2014-8-5  |  Read more

Commercial Validation about the process of pyrolysis plant

We have ever processed a serious of experience of the commercial validated about the technology of converting plastic to...

  Company news |  2014-8-1  |  Read more

Great invention of converting plastic to oil

we are a supplier and manufacturer of waste plastic to oil recycling pyrolysis plant.If i am the buyer il prefer the pla...

  Industry news |  2014-7-31  |  Read more

value of converting plastic to oil

Now we cannot live without the plastics for its convenience its low price what is more it can be used in many aspects of...

  Recycling news |  2014-7-29  |  Read more

plastic to oil

Nowadays we have a great eager to dispose the waste plastic. Plastic to oil technology can relieve the pressure the wast...

  Recycling news |  2014-7-28  |  Read more

plastic Waste management

Nowadays, with the development of economics, more and more waste produced per day, they pollute the environment harm our...

  Recycling news |  2014-7-26  |  Read more

Plastic disposal

Plastic disposals is a way to convert waste plastic to oil for fuel which is  necessary nowadays for waste plast...

  Industry news |  2014-7-24  |  Read more

Tire recycling project report2

With the rapid development of the economics, more and more plastic/tires generated per day. What is more, the pollution ...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2014-7-24  |  Read more

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