We invented the latest technology tyre pyrolysis to oil recycling plant

Technology is developing faster and faster with consistently innovation.We xinxiaing doing renewable energy equipment co...

  Company news |  2014-11-8  |  Read more

We installed the tyre to oil plant in India

The customer from India visit us for the waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant, He contacted with us on the internet our pro...

  Company news |  2014-11-8  |  Read more

Germany pyrolysis plant

The Germany customers come to visit us for the tyre to oil machine in September 2014 for the second time. The customer h...

  Company news |  2014-11-8  |  Read more

Macedonia customers purchased waste tyre pyrolysis plant

 This is the customer from Macedonia come to visit us for the second time. The first time he visit us is 2011 and p...

  Company news |  2014-11-8  |  Read more

We installed tyre recycling to oil plant in Mexico

We Xinxiang doing renewable energy equipment c., ltd are the professional supplier and manufacture of the tyre to oil pl...

  Company news |  2014-11-8  |  Read more

Traditional ways of recycling waste tyre

2.1 RETREADING the waste tyresRetreading is to give a new rubber tread and a new life to the worn scrap tyres.It is a pr...

  Recycling news |  2014-9-26  |  Read more

The development of the waste tyre disposal

As we know with the development of the world auto industry, the scrap vehicle tyres makes a significant contributions to...

  Recycling news |  2014-9-25  |  Read more

How pressure influences oil yield rate of tyre pyrolysis

As we know in the theory the pressure is not related to the pyrolysis reaction The thermo chemical reaction is usually p...

  tyres pyrolysis plant news |  2014-9-23  |  Read more

General introduction of Plastic to oil pyrolysis plant of henan doing

 Plastic industry is one of the world''''s largest consumers of oil over five million barrels a day are used in the ...

  Recycling news |  2014-8-5  |  Read more

Commercial Validation about the process of pyrolysis plant

We have ever processed a serious of experience of the commercial validated about the technology of converting plastic to...

  Company news |  2014-8-1  |  Read more

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