Plastic pyrolysis plant pyrolysis process plasstic flow

Flow chart video | DATE:2014-10-8

The video is about the flow of plastic pyrolysis plant,from the first step untill the pyrolysis oil coming out from the machine.

Firstly we add the raw material waste plastic in the reactor then close the door of reactor,seal the reactor,then heat the reactor

the temperature of the reactor will elevate,when we heat reactor the reactor will rotate at 0.4r/min when the temperature of reactor elevated to about 180 degree celsius,there will be oil gas generated,the oil gas will go into condenser to be condensed into liquid oil,this is called pyrolysis oil,some oil gas which can not be condensed will be recycled back to heat the reactor,thus save the energy,then the temperature of reactor will cool down,when the temperature cooled down to about 50 degree celisus,we will discharge the carbon black.

Then after we collect the fuel oil we can start next batch.

During the process of converting waste tyre to oil there will no waste gas/solid waste generated.

Plastic to oil technology is both benefical to society  and environment.

The end product of plastic to oil pyrolysis plant is fuel oil,carbon black,and oil gas.

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