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Carbon Black Lifting Machine description in details

Carbon Black Lifting Machine product introduction

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Carbon Black Lifting Machine
Carbon Black Lifting Machine product photo

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Carbon black lifting machine is the accessory equipment of waste tire/plastic oil refinery project. It can  take the carbon black out of the carbon black pit for further processing.


a. time-saving:extraction of carbon black  automatically, just press the switch ,the carbon black can easily be raised from the pit .
b. keep the factory clean and tidy: Enclosed to extract carbon black, preventing the carbon black powder  spreading  to the air, which results  in Factory messy.                

Technical data:

Carbon black lifting machine,which is also named spiral elevator . By using the principle of the spiral promotion extract the carbon black powder from the carbon black pit.The Power is 2.2 kilowatts.


Carbon black lifting machine is essential to  a whole refinery equipment .It can extract the carbon black  from  the pit quickly and cleanly.


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