Machine accessories

Catalytic chamber

1.The catalytic chamber can buffer oil gas,which ia safer and more reliable.2.Part of dust is removed down in the catalytic chamber,which improves&nbs...

Machine accessories

Dedusting system

extrusioning water into high-pressure nozzle through high-pressure pumps,then getting water into spray,absorbing dust and sulfur dioxide.The dedusting...

Machine accessories
Machine accessories

Draft fan

The draft fan will improve the efficiency of burning the recycled exhaust oil gas.There are total 3 draft fans to help combust the recycled oil gas....

Machine accessories

Cooling tube

Our machine adopt more than 3 stages for cooling, the first cooling stage is to cool down the crude heavy oil with the aid of top cooling pipe, then g...

Machine accessories

Oil-water separator

1. High pressure nozzle clean oil gas with recycling water.2. The fist safety device, prevent gas reflux.3. Separate heave oil and water, make heave o...

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