Status of Waste Tyre pyrolysis and Pyrolysis to Oil

Industry news / DATE:2015-2-6

With the rapid development of China auto industry, and an increase of car ownership, the generation of waste tire and rubber also increased year by year, to bring environmental waste tire pressure is also growing. How to use scrap tires and rubber waste, improve resource utilization is an important issue, but also the rational use of resources , protection of the environment, an important measure to promote economic growth mode transformation and sustainable development. Among them, the waste tire/rubber pyrolysis to fuel oil by many countries support and love.

Waste tire pyrolysis to fuel oil is to use high-temperature heating of waste tires, prompting its decomposition into oil and combustible gas. The resulting pyrolysis characteristics of the fuel oil and similar commercial, or may be used to extract the direct combustion of fuel mixed with oil, can also be used as a softener in rubber processing; resultant combustible gas mainly composed of hydrogen and methane, can be used as fuel can also be decomposed in situ combustion process to heating; obtained after the use of carbon black toner can be replaced or processed into specialty adsorbent. The adsorbent have a strong filtration effect for water contaminants, especially mercury and other toxic metals. Furthermore, the final products by pyrolysis also have steel wire.

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd finally developed a fully burning waste tires new way with no pollute to the environment, so that it becomes a waste tires to fuel oil. They believe that the best way to deal with the current waste tire is its direct pyrolysis to fuel oil, but soot and pollutants produced by the pyrolysis process. In the pyrolysis process, 99% soot and adsorbed contaminants in the air gap, to eliminate pollution. Thus even if the waste tire has been fully burning, also reduce the release of suspended solids in the smoke and carbon monoxide. The researchers said that one kilogram of scrap tires with 27.6kJ calories, is a good energy, this discovery will promote the pyrolysisof scrap tires to reduce the consumption of fuel oil , diesel and coal and other energy sources, and reduce municipal waste.

Waste tires Pyrolysisand pyrolysis to oil is a systems engineering. Not only requires new energy into the waste tires with low cost, but also requires the energy pyrolysis from waste tires is available, it is better to be used frequently and consumption, otherwise it will cause the backlog of new energy and waste, turning waste into treasure cannot form a virtuous circle.


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