Waste plastic disposal

Industry news / DATE:2014-11-17

    Waste plastic refers to discard products made from plastic material, which is any of wide range synthetic or semi-synthetic organic solids that are moldable. It consists of various household or industrial items such as PET bottles, plastic shopping bags, toys, containers, and packaging materials, etc.

waste plastic to oil technology

    In developing countries, with the developing of the economics, they have a urge demand of the plastic products for its cheap price and widely used. But at the same time the waste plastic is becoming a major waste steam. Due to the properties of the plastics, the high quantities being generated and lack of efficient end-of鈥?life management, this poses serious threats to the environment and human health. When plastics are disposed off in sanitary landfills, they occupy large spaces and prevent the proper decay of other waste.

    Actually all these waste plastic can be converted into energy; the plastic to oil technology is a very good technology for the waste plastic disposal. The oil extracted from the waste plastic can be used for generating electricity, heating, and brick factory and so on. The plastic to oil technology is a very good technology. It is profitable and commercial feasible.

The plastic to oil technology is of great beneficial to human health and environment.

If the waste plastic converted into fuel, it will reduce the amount of the waste plastic dumped in the landfills. What Is more, thus will protect the environment.

    Secondly it can easily become economically viable and generate economic growth.

Thirdly during the process of converting waste plastic to oil, little energy is used to heat the reactor. When the machine starts, it will use its own off-gas to heat the reactor. It can reduce the emission of CO2, what is more important; the technology will deal all the waste plastic and relieve the pressure of the lack of energy.

 the oil product of waste plastic disposal

The pyrolysis oil product of the plastic to oil technology

    Why the waste plastic disposal is more and more important

    According to a survey,the global plastic production increased 5% per year over the past 20 years. And the waste plastic recycling rates are generally low. It was 14.5% in the USA in 2008.what should we know is that if we can deal with the waste plastic properly. It is a very useful energy. So the government realizes the importance of the waste plastic disposal. One day in future the plastic to oil technology will surely be more and more popular.

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