How pressure influences oil yield rate of tyre pyrolysis

tyres pyrolysis plant news / DATE:2014-9-23

As we know in the theory the pressure is not related to the pyrolysis reaction The thermo chemical reaction is usually processed in high temperature and normal pressure. The common solid waste will have a higher oil yield rate in the high pressure and low temperature but there is the new test in European and American about the effect about the pressure to the thermo chemical reaction and the oil yield rate. In the same temperature, and we add the same catalyst in the reaction. The suitable pressure will make the solid waste have a better oil yield rate. But the Technology has a strict demand for the equipment and the control technology. So now most of the pyrolysis plants are processed in the normal pressure and normal temperature. And the oil yield rate is common.

We henan doing mechanical equipment are the manufacturer and supplier of the waste tyre and waste plastic pyrolysis plant, we have the high-stand technology to manufacture the waste plastic &amptyre pyrolysis plant to have a higher oil yield rate. We can control the temperature and pressure will to have a higher oil yield rate and more qualified oil.

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