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Recycling news / DATE:2014-7-28

Nowadays we have a great eager to dispose the waste plastic. Plastic to oil technology can relieve the pressure the waste plastic brings and generate a fuel. Converting plastic to oil is not how far it seems. We Henan doing mechanical equipment aimed at converting the plastic to oil for fuel to solve the more and more serious plastic problem.

The development of the plastics has been so extraordinary during the last tens of years quite simply we cannot live without them. the plastic has resulted in an increased introduction from around 50 millions tones in 1950 to 245 million tons in 2008(plastic in European).however the increasing amount of plastics has resulted in becoming an environmental issue.

Instead of being buried in the landfill or burned, converting plastic to oil will generate fuel, carbon black and so on.The process of converting plastic to oil uses its own off-gas as fuel approximately (10-12% of process output) minimal energy is required to run the plastic to oil machine. So the process is energy-saving. On the other hand the plastic to oil process produce no pollution to the environment for its deduce dust system. We henan doing mechanical equipment co,ltd specialized in manufacturing plastic to oil machine, now we are a high-tech and professional company to manufacture plastic to oil machine. We provide the machine for the people who are interested in investing the plastic to oil industry.

The advantages of the plastic to oil machine of Henan doing mechanical equipment:

1.The plastic to oil process is designed to use minimal amounts of external energy.

2.Only 53kw/electricity is required to run the fans pumps and small motors. No electricity is used in the transformation of the plastic to fuel.

3.Nature gas is only used on start-up to heat the reactor –once the process in running the reactor is heating with its own off-gas.

The final product of the plastic to oil machine:

No.6 fuel. A heavy fuel generally used in industrial boilers and ships

No.2 fuel (diesel, petroleum distillate)

Carbon black: a carbonaceous solid produced as the result of the carbon cracking process

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