Tire recycling project report2

tyres pyrolysis plant news / DATE:2014-7-24

With the rapid development of the economics, more and more plastic/tires generated per day. What is more, the pollution that the waste tire caused is becoming more and more serious. In this era of more and more waste, The tire recycling project meets the demand of the time to recycle energy and protect the environment in order to solve the problem of shorter and shorter of the energy and make our world green. So we make the tire recycling project report. We Henan doing mechanical equipment co,ltd specialized in manufacturing waste plastic/tire recycling plant for many years. We responsible to protect the environment and manufacture high quality tire recycling pyrolysis plant.kindly wish your contract, the tire recycling project is as follow:


Tire recycling project report part 3: the necessary preparation of the customers:

1. The customers should have an area to install the pyrolysis plant.

2. Workers are necessary

3. Do research in the market to have a better command of the profit

4. Our technician will support your installation help train your works.your technicial 5.is necessary.

6. A foundation of the pyrolysis plant

7. Wait for the installation and profits as well

The tire recycling project report Part 4: Advantages of the tire recycling project:

1. May get the support of the local government

2. Environmental protection

3. Meet the demand of sustainable development

4. High profits

5. In developing countries,they have a desire demand of the machine and 6.technology.the pyrolysis plant is very popular(Africa, south American,middle east,and so on)

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