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How does the US waste plastics market change after China’s “Forbidden Waste Order” ?

The United States is the world's largest producer of waste plastics. According to the United Nations Trade Statistic...

  Industry news |  2018-7-16  |  Read more

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivery to Nigeria

 Waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivery to NigeriaOur Nigerian customers visited us in September, the waste tyre pyrol...

  Industry news |  2017-3-4  |  Read more

​Congratulations ! Januaray12,2016,

 ! JanuCongratulationsaray12,2016, our factory deliverred two sets of pyrolysis machine  for our Columbia cust...

  Industry news |  2016-1-14  |  Read more

Lebanon customers coming to visit our oil extraction from old tyre machine factory on 12th January

Just after the New Year 2016, we will receive new guests Mr Zahi and Mr Joseph to visit our factory for more research of...

  Industry news |  2016-1-12  |  Read more

Status of Waste Tyre pyrolysis and Pyrolysis to Oil

With the rapid development of China auto industry, and an increase of car ownership, the generation of waste tire and ru...

  Industry news |  2015-2-6  |  Read more

Punjab okays setting up of new pyrolysis plants in notified areas

Providing a relief to pyrolytic industry, the Punjab government - on the directions of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Sin...

  Industry news |  2015-1-31  |  Read more

Pyrolysis oil in Thailand

Feedstock  material  is  the  main  factor  to  indicate  the properties of the ...

  Industry news |  2015-1-27  |  Read more

Global Energy Chemicals and Oil Market from waste plastic - Recovery & Technologies - 2014 - 2020

"Global Energy Chemicals and Oil Market from waste plastic - Recovery & Technologies - Recycled Plastics & ...

  Industry news |  2015-1-10  |  Read more

Turn plastic waste back into oil

Did you know that approximately 7% of global oil reserves are used to produce plastic bags; that nearly 900 million barr...

  Industry news |  2015-1-9  |  Read more

Waste plastic disposal

    Waste plastic refers to discard products made from plastic material, which is any of wide range synth...

  Industry news |  2014-11-17  |  Read more

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