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2012 World Energy Congress in Sweden opening


  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

Japan: the new drive power wind power and other new energy spread

Nuclear accident, Japan to speed up the adjustment of both energy strategy, to reduce the dependence on nuclear power ...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

Hitachi water source variable-refrigerant-volume" renewable energy " the door is open

The energy is the human survival and social prosperity of the important foundation of modern society, quality of life,...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

Is at the crossroads of the renewable energy industry

Solarzoom photovoltaic solar energy news search engine giant Google support it. The United States of America billionai...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

American media: Spain pause subsidies for renewable energy reforming energy market

China Economic Net Beijing on May 31st news ( reporter Zhao Ji ) according to the United States of America Bloomberg N...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

Analysis of electric equipment total investment slightly increased tend to balance renewable energy

On May 24th, National Treasury Department held a national work conference on energy saving and emission reduction. In ...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

Japanese companies are involved in renewable energy generation

Japanese companies are competing to develop power generation business, many listed companies even by the general assem...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

Wind power and other renewable energy power generation in the West have the opportunity

Core tip: western big development and energy development, need two feedback mechanism. Wind power and other renewable ...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

The Ministry of finance, Ministry of housing and urban-rural development expert group to inspect Bao

Recently, the State Ministry of housing and urban-rural development, the Ministry of Finance Application of renewable ...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

Civil construction mandatory renewable energy

It''''s reported that  the city''''s new public office buildings, affordable housing, the following 12 residential...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

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