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It’s urgent for us to prevent "White pollution" from aggravating

A lot of waste agricultural film packaging, plastic bags and disposable plastic cutlery after using are abandoned in the...

  Industry news |  2012-6-13  |  Read more

The lowered cost of plastic industry will develop from the dropped oil prices.

In 8th June,2012, National Development and Reform Commission announced that the price of refined oil in our nation lower...

  Industry news |  2012-6-12  |  Read more

Why recycle used tires?

Under the background of that discarding tires are posing great threat to human life and environment, the recycling of di...

  Industry news |  2012-6-11  |  Read more

Banning plastic bag in free in market, airport, harbor port and so on in American

Supporters of the ban of course are thrilled with the move. "This is a gateway for sustainability," said Leslie Tamminen...

  Industry news |  2012-6-9  |  Read more

The news conference (and workshop) on waste plastic recycling into renewable energy was held in 26th

In 26th May,2012,Handeqian, former Vice Minister of Ministry of science and technology,and also president of technology ...

  Industry news |  2012-6-8  |  Read more

The effect of "plastic limit order"

A few days ago, it was reported that of this year June 1st is four anniversary carried out “plastic limit order" in Chin...

  Industry news |  2012-6-7  |  Read more

Believe waste plastic pyrolysis machine can dispose waste plastic in a better way

Industry analysts believe that, although the prospects of recycled plastics industry looks brighter, actually of the dev...

  Industry news |  2012-6-7  |  Read more

The problem on scrap processing

It is well known that waste plastic reuse is a great problem.Owing to  the plastic combustion will produce toxic gas...

  Industry news |  2012-6-6  |  Read more

A brief analysis of waste plastic recycle processing

With the importance of the enviromental protection, it’s no doubt that the topic on the processing mode waste plastic an...

  Industry news |  2012-6-6  |  Read more

We should take care of our environment

Seeing a piece of news about environmental protection and waste plastic statistical number in Los Angeles published in C...

  Industry news |  2012-6-5  |  Read more

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