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Common sense about waste plastic(2)The characteristics of waste plastics

There are many kinds of waste plastics, different pattern form, different industries derived from. According to the stru...

  Industry news |  2012-6-27  |  Read more

Common sense about waste plastic(1)

According to statistics, about 5 million tons waste plastic are produced every year in

  Industry news |  2012-6-26  |  Read more

The significance of waste tires recycling(machine) to be known

With the rapid development of national economy and the people''''''''''''''''s living level, our country has become a ru...

  Industry news |  2012-6-25  |  Read more

The importance of waste tires recycling(machine) by national governments

In order to recycle the waste resources including waste tires/tyres and waste plastics, many countries have taken a seri...

  Industry news |  2012-6-25  |  Read more

How to be promoted the new development of recycling technology by recycling machine

With the high speed of development of modern civilization, the demand to human for energy is increasing. Thus, the dep...

  Industry news |  2012-6-20  |  Read more

A brief analysis of the sort of waste plastic to be utilized

Plastic is a material, in which the main ingredients is the resin(or polymerize directly monomer in the process) ,the au...

  Industry news |  2012-6-19  |  Read more

The main harm of the "white pollution " we should put into perspective

  The main harm of the "white pollution ", is "visual pollution", and "potential harm" :

  Industry news |  2012-6-18  |  Read more

The disposal to waste tires/scrap tires

 With the high-speed development of car industry today, waste tires have became the greatest source of the solid w...

  Industry news |  2012-6-16  |  Read more

The administrative measures to prevent and control the "white pollution" we have taken

  At present our country has taken administrative and technology measures to prevent and control the "white pollut...

  Industry news |  2012-6-14  |  Read more

The solution to prevention from “white pollution”abroad

As early as in 1985 , the per capita consumption of plastic packaging has reached 23.4 kg in USA, 20.1 kg in Japan, ...

  Industry news |  2012-6-13  |  Read more

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