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Plastic disposal

Plastic disposals is a way to convert waste plastic to oil for fuel which is  necessary nowadays for waste plast...

  Industry news |  2014-7-24  |  Read more

Waste tire pyrolysis is beneficial to society

As the car has become the first engine driving consumption, waste tires facing the serious problem of environmental poll...

  Industry news |  2013-11-5  |  Read more

An annual output of 10,000 tons of waste tires pyrolysis feasibility partial report

  Waste tire pyrolysis technology in the implementation process , especially the technology from the laboratory sc...

  Industry news |  2013-10-28  |  Read more

Raw materials selection and market value of waste tire oil refining

&nbspSpeaking of waste tires oil refining , we first want to focus on the issue is probably more material , where th...

  Industry news |  2013-10-21  |  Read more

Rising oil prices, how to reuse resources

  Sustainable development has been encouraged by the state ''''s development model , waste recycling for the full ...

  Industry news |  2013-10-21  |  Read more

Look at the waste tyre oil refining equipment’s prospects by the changing market

  According to reports, the National Development and Reform Commission notification, the domestic gasoline and die...

  Industry news |  2013-10-21  |  Read more

Which waste tire oil refining equipment is better

  In the 21st century,  with the increasing scarcity of oil energy,  international oil prices continued to...

  Industry news |  2013-10-21  |  Read more

How much is the investment for a tire pyrolysis plant?

Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in producing renewable energy machinery and equipmen...

  Industry news |  2012-8-13  |  Read more

Waste tire pyrolysis is developing

 waste tire pyrolysis plant is a equipment which pyrolyzing the waste tyre or waste plastic into fuel oil, carbon ...

  Industry news |  2012-7-16  |  Read more

Environmental Protection need people’s action.

However , environmental protection proves to be a big concern. To protect the environment and to love our survival homes...

  Industry news |  2012-7-16  |  Read more

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