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What should we pay attention on when importing waste plastic?

What we should pay attention on when importing waste plastic is as follows: 1. It is most important to see the AQSI...

  Company news |  2012-7-2  |  Read more

The development of technique in waste tires/tyres recycling industry

From the prospective of the scrap/waste tire recycling comprehensive, in

  Company news |  2012-6-27  |  Read more

The developing Situation about waste tires recycling and and utilization in China

Nowadays, the industry of scrap/waste tire recycling has achieved great development in

  Company news |  2012-6-26  |  Read more

Happy Double Fifth Festival!

The Dragon Boat Festival, also named Double Fifth Festival is on Saturday, June 23, 2012, is a very popular and grand fe...

  Company news |  2012-6-21  |  Read more

The four standards of equipment for environment protection

With the development of recycling economy and renewable energy industry, more and more waste plastic/tires recycling mac...

  Company news |  2012-6-21  |  Read more

The cost of waste tires recycling machine which saves energy in China

There are billions of waste tires in all over the world can be available to refine oil with waste tires recycling machin...

  Company news |  2012-6-20  |  Read more

About the principle of waste plastic recycling machine to refining oil we explain to you

Maybe you are very puzzled to the process of <a href=>waste plastic recycling ...

  Company news |  2012-6-19  |  Read more

The seminar on the process of waste scrap tire recycling machine

Last Friday, of sales department all member in Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd occupied in selling ti...

  Company news |  2012-6-18  |  Read more

Turning waste into wealth and benefiting mankind

Liushuangxi, a professor of Nankai Uniersity,said that the pyrolysis black carbon is one of key products from waste tyre...

  Company news |  2012-6-16  |  Read more

The prospect of waste plastic recycling industry

Since 1990s ,the research on domestic waste plastics into fuel oil has started to receive the widespread attention. Now ...

  Company news |  2012-6-15  |  Read more

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