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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2016-2-26

continuous waste tyre recycling plant

Continuous waste tyre recycling plant

This continuous waste tyre recycling plant t is improved based on batch type pyrolysis plant, but has many improvements. It mainly has several advantages as below:
1.High capacity, which can process at least 10 tons waste tyres per day, up to 100 tons waste tyres per day;
2.Fully automatic with continuous feeding and discharge system;
3.PLC or computer control system, thus to save labour;
4.Multiple reactors design for fully pyrolysis to get high oil rate;
5.Indirect heating to prolong the usage life of the reactor;
6.Same as the batch type waste tire recycling linet, it’s also applicable to process waste plastics.
If you want to know more informations about our continuous fully continuous waste tyre recycling plant please feel free to contact us. We DONG Company has specialized in waste tyre recycling project for about 8 years, we would like to provide valuable informations and suggestions to help you implement this project.

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Leave a message to get more information about what is the advantage of continuous waste tyre recycling plant ?.Our engineer will contact you ASAP to analysis pyrolysis plant project cost for you.

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