value of converting plastic to oil

Recycling news / DATE:2014-7-29

Now we cannot live without the plastics for its convenience its low price what is more it can be used in many aspects of our life. But with the widely use of the plastic lots of waste plastics generated. It leads a result that we to face the pollution of the waste plastic and manage the waste plastic with a high cost.if we burn the plastic we will generate co2 and other toxic gas. If we convert the waste plastic to oil we will save co2 and we can also create economics profits. Converting plastic to oil is a green and advanced technology nowadays. It is of both great beneficial to the environment and human’s health. The process of converting plastic to oil is mainly achieved by pyrolysis plant. the process is about this: first burn the raw material in a sealing reactor, when the temperature of the plastic reached a point it will become oil gas, then cool the oil gas into liquid in a condense which is full of water. Thus we will get fuel oil and the carbon as well. The oil extracted from the waste plastic can be used for tractors, power generators, and ships and so on.
Value of converting plastic to oil:
Pyrolysis plant for converting plastic to oil is mainly achieved by the pyrolysis plant, when we manufacture the pyrolysis plant we need steel products, transportation, employmers and so on which will promote the economics. The converting plastic to oil industry can offer working potential.
Facing the more and more serious plastic pollutions, our converting plastic to oil technology will relieve the pollution in some extent. There is no better choice to dispose the waste plastic than our converting plastic to oil technology up to now in the earth. Converting plastic to oil will help protect our environment in great extent.
As final product of converting plastic to oil the N0.6 fuel it is of great potential to relieve the short of the energy now. You can imagine how it will inspire us when we use the oil extracted from waste plastic.
The converting plastic to oil is invented to use minimal amounts of external energy. The processor uses its own off-gas as fuel as fuel(approximately 10-12% of process output)minimal energy is required to run the machine.nature gas is only used on start-up to heat the reactor: once the process is running the reactor is heated with its own off-gas.

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