plastics disposal by pyrolysis plant

Recycling news / DATE:2014-7-12

With the rapid increasing of plastic, more and more waste plastic is produced per year. Plastics disposal is more and more common. And there is not an official stand about plastic disposal. The new method of plastic disposal can convert plastic to oil can dispose the waste plastic and convert waste plastic into oil for fuel. Plastics disposal has become a new way to dispose the waste plastic.
About plastics disposal Traditional ways are dumping or burning when the plastic is littered the waste plastic will stay underground for a very long time as a result of breeding mosquitoes and destroying the land. So plastics disposal is extremely urgent.If burning it will pollute the environment seriously. Considering this, plastic disposal is of great valuable to the environment.
Now there is new technology about plastic disposal which can convert waste plastic to crude oil for fuel. The core of the plastics disposal technology is the technology we can dispose the waste plastic wisely.
By paralysis we can convert the waste plastic to oil which could not only protect the environment but also could help solve the problem of the shortage of the energy nowadays. As a manufacturer and supplier and leader in the field of designing, developing and quality manufacturing of plastic recycling with many years, we are a professional and high-tech company to product waste plastic recycling plant.
Advanced technology, high quality, great price, we continue improving the qualities of our products, our plastics disposal plant has gained huge reputation for their reliable operations and longer service life, thereby they are widely used. We have a well-equipped infrastructural unit that consists of several advanced technology based machines that enables standardized production.moreever our production covers a vast area and is specially designed for manufacturing qualitative range of products in bulk quantities. As we lay great emphasis on the quality of our products. A strict quality policy is followed our quality auditors to ensure that every product undergoes rigorous checking on various parameters and technical aspects to maintain flawless quality. Along with this, our strong and coordinated supply chains system helps us deliver products in the promising time.
As the harm of the waste plastic in the world so in you invest in establishing a plastic recycling factory, your local government may support you in the labor and funds. it is a industry of great potential economics profits. It is a wise choice to choose henan doing mechanical equipment co, ltd.
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