plastic to oil is benefical to humans health

Recycling news / DATE:2014-7-3

As we know plastic is used more and more widely in the world. The waste plastic has caused a serious pollution in the world. Considering the serious problem the Recycling plastic is becoming more and more popular, there are many ways to recycle the waste plastic, converting waste plastic to oil is one of the best options for recycling plastic.
Recycling plastic can convert plastic to oil, thus instead of dumping, land filling and incineration. The dumped waste plastic is easy to breed mosquitoes with virus which may infect humans. Recycling plastic to oil can solve the problem and can also create economics and environment benefits. And recycling plastic can convert the plastic to fuel which can solve the shortage of energy in some extent.
Henan doing mechanical equipment co,ltd specialized in manufacturing waste plastic to oil machine. The machine can convert waste plastic to oil by pyrolysis.The oil produced by us can be directly used for tractors, power generators, and so on, if you want to invest in the plastic recycling industry Henan doing is your best choice.

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