Is at the crossroads of the renewable energy industry

Industry news / DATE:2012-6-5

Solarzoom photovoltaic solar energy news search engine giant Google support it. The United States of America billionaire Warren Buffett is also true. And the world''''''''''''''''s largest manufacturers of GE is even more so. It is a clean energy.

These enterprises every home is the industry leaders, they have spent hundreds of millions of high wind power and photovoltaic future. Apple Corp has just joined the camp, the company announced plans in their North Carolina Maiden data center to install photovoltaic system, by the end of this year the data center will be entirely from renewable energy to provide power. Then when the authority on the prospects for renewable power alarm occasion, these enterprises are still in their favour?

The answer lies in the clean energy industry is in a critical crossroads.

On one hand, wind power and photovoltaic power generation cost is large with the global national fossil fuel be well-matched in strength, including the American southwest. In recent years, wind turbine and photovoltaic component of the cost of all the way down, push the global renewable energy demand continues to rise and shows two digit growth. Clean energy industry long-term development trend is very clear. Recently, McKinsey bodies found,2005to 2020, the photovoltaic application could increase 50 times, and natural gas to be roughly the same rate of growth.

On the other hand, wind power and photovoltaic industry is still a fledgling industry, facing the government cut subsidies" to come", and the United States and the European market because of subsidies and rapid development and reduce the cost. Policy change risk has restricting industrial development.

According to the World Resources Institute, the breakthrough Institute and the Brookings Institution released a report recently " detached boom and bust: make clean energy technology onto the road from subsidies" points out, the magnitude of subsidies has destroyed the American clean energy industry. The authors of the reports,2011 to2012, the United States federal government on clean energy technology support funds has dropped by almost50%, while in 2009to 2014 period, government subsidies may be plunged 75%. If the parliament cannot update coming due in October wind power tax relief policy, so perhaps this will weaken the American wind power market, and the threat of tens of thousands of jobs.

Despite these setbacks, but some large enterprises are still as in the past, to the long-term development of confidence in clean technology.

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