American media: Spain pause subsidies for renewable energy reforming energy market

Industry news / DATE:2012-6-5

China Economic Net Beijing on May 31st news ( reporter Zhao Ji ) according to the United States of America Bloomberg News reported on May 30th: due to budget deficits of more than two times the EU restrictions, as well as the power system becomes more and more obvious income gap, this year in January, the Spanish government promulgated new laws, to stop domestic renewable energy projects to provide subsidies. This policy makes relevant industry project developers and device makers had to move his country, or directly facing bankruptcy.

At present, because the country controls price income insufficient distribution cost, the Spanish power system ''''''''s debt has increased to 23000000000euros ($28500000000). The Spanish Ministry of industry is ready to design energy industry pricing, and gradually reduce the subsidies on solar thermal power stations. In January the policy is only the first step, the government may also be introduced for the renewable energy industry temporary tax. While the industry overall plan or will be published at the end of June.

In 2013, solar photovoltaic on investment will this year from $879000000down to $107000000 new wind power project investment this year from $2000000000down to $963000000.

The world''''''''s fourth largest wind turbine manufacturer gamesa companies, has been planning to reduce the amount of power in Spain, in India to build third power plant. Solar Park developer T-solar company also expresses, at present the company''''''''s new projects in the pipeline outside of spain. If current policies continue, may force the entire renewable energy industry from the Spanish market.

Special statement: This article reflects only the views of the author, this article uses the Chinese economy is only to provide readers with more information, does not agree with its position. Reprinted and cited this article please indicate "the origin: China Economic Net", and asked the Department author.

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