Black pollution to green wealth, waste tires recycling become the star

Recycling news / DATE:2013-10-26


Eating is waste tires generation is 3 "baby": industrial oil, powdered carbon black and waste steel wire.  Waste tires recycling create a good economic benefit and social benefit, so waste tires recycling become a new bright spot in the industry.

The waste tires are decontamination and segmentation processing necessary after put into the furnace, adding catalyst and a small amount of fuel oil and the amount of foaming agent. Closed combustion in the inner chamber temperature cracking furnace increased, decomposition of tire in the multiple roles of catalyst and foaming agent. Cleavage produces oil and gas mixture, from the pilot furnace top tube. Whether mixture of oil and gas well after discharge, only coarse black and scrap steel furnace. While the discharge of oil and gas mixture separation, cooling, and then after the separation of oil, water, gas separation. Oil can be used as fuel oil to sell, gas treatment compliance after discharge. Thick black and scrap steel steam cooling after artificial discharge, waste steel wire as scrap. Thick black first by a magnet attracts iron processing, then pre crushing, dust bag, collection, and then concentrate broken, bag and the pulse dust cleaning, collection, activation, so as to obtain the finished product carbon black products.

This set of process innovation lies in the application of catalytic cracking technology accelerates the progress of waste rubber, industrialized operation. It is produced at atmospheric pressure, low temperature conditions, the cleavage of foaming is more uniform, full and complete, so that the thick black final pyrolysis carbon black can be processed into ECO. Secondly, in the catalytic cracking and foaming help solution at the same time, the chain furnace heating can not only meet the requirements of environmental protection, but also makes the heat exchange is more complete, more uniform heat transfer. In addition, the last bit of exhaust cooling condensation failed tousling the spray absorption treatment, to eradicate the pollution of the environment.

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