Characteristics of waste tires oil refining technology and equipment

Refining news / DATE:2013-10-26


Waste tires oil refining equipment utilization as an important resource for pollution and waste tire recycling, our management is highly irregular, waste tires oil refining equipment waste tire processing to take advantage of the benefits the country and enabling environment good

1, horizontal rotating device , sealed atmospheric production , there is no pollution and safety hazards. ,

2, the company developed and patented a special door patented technology , feed is simple, easy slag out of steel , cooling fast. Save time and labor force.

3, the device high oil, oil well , the sales price is high.

4, the combustion gas recovery system , saving costs for customers .

5, a high degree of automation equipment , easy to learn , just 2-3 people can be.

6, environmental desulphurization and dust removal system , no harm to the surrounding environment .

Waste tires oil refining equipment features

1 , security : our equipment with anti- clogging device comes with pressure gauges , alarms, safety valves, vacuum equipment , normal operation are working under vacuum or atmospheric pressure . In case of congestion , resulting in pressure , there is alarm, if the alarm , the workers did not hear or sleep with automatic decompression valve , making sure not to have accidents. Remember that workers are required to operate a regular , always check gauges , alarms, safety valve pipe flow. During operation , the duty of workers are not free to leave their posts , but can not sleep, ensure safety in production .


 2, green: Environmental Protection into the water , slag, gas, sound four parts. water two parts: First, cooling water , water into something , what release of water , recycling, just temperature rises , the second is dust with water , this water contamination , but not only increased emissions. slag is a by-product , do black, unburned , add chemicals can be made after the coal industry or agriculture . gas divided into two parts: First, a C4 refinery process produces less gas ( methane , ethane , butane and hydrogen ) through the exhaust gas recycling system to the furnace burning up , both energy saving and environmental protection second is burning produced when coal or exhaust fumes through the dust treatment, to ensure that the emission standards meet national requirements . Noise: as long as no more than sixty db can meet the national emission standards



1, the entire apparatus of the production process is smokeless, odorless environment to run , with excellent safety and environmental protection.

2, supporting the decompression device, through the deep processing of oil, can greatly improve the oil attached bonus.

3 , in their critical Cracking processor design, completely overcome the current domestic vertical flat bottom partial cleavage processor uneven heating , easy to break , low output , short life so unfavorable factors .

4, with automatic feed, automatic slagging system.

5, using our latest technology, continuous feeding, intermittent production .

6, using our latest technology, the cracking and oil collection system, to produce oil with oil of good quality, high oil and other advantages.

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