The process of waste tires oil refining

Refining news / DATE:2013-10-21


The generation of waste tires oil refining equipment solve the tires, this device is definitely an effective energy-saving products, deserves to be respected. Waste tires oil refining equipment for its efficient operating capability in the market place, but also by the relevant industry recognition.

Waste tires oil refining equipment, processes reflected in the following aspects:



Automatic discharge of ash dregs


Heavy component tank

Pretreatment device



Rapid feeding device


Rotary split device


Light and heavy component bins


Dust collecting cyclone



Heating supply device


Exhaust gas purification processor


Rapid condensing system





Medium oil tank

First, in the water, the water in two parts. Part of the condenser with water and no pollution. Another part is the removal of water, a circulating water, only evaporation, no emissions.

Second, waste treatment, first, discharged from the reactor waste, high temperature toxic and tasteless, carbon black can be used for the work, can also be used for building materials. There are two remaining coal slag can be used for building materials. Both without any emissions.

Third, the exhaust gas treatment, the entire production process, the device is operating under sealed condition, the phosphating solution without any odor.

Fourth, the noise processing, equipment selection of low-noise fan, the noise below 60 decibels, with some noise and power feeder noise not more than 50 decibels.

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