Analysis of electric equipment total investment slightly increased tend to balance renewable energy

Industry news / DATE:2012-6-5

On May 24th, National Treasury Department held a national work conference on energy saving and emission reduction. In 2012 the central government allocated 97900000000 yuan of special funds for energy-saving emission reduction and renewable energy sources, a year-on-year increase of 25100000000 yuan, plus additional renewable energy tariff, strategic emerging industry, circular economy, service industry development funds and central infrastructure investment in the arrangement of the capital, add up to 170000000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7700000000 yuan.

With compared 2011,2012central finance to invest an additional 7700000000 yuan. Among them, energy conservation and renewable energy special funds a year-on-year increase of25100000000 yuan. We think, renewable energy investment is this year the central government expenditure highlights. In 2011the central government energy conservation environmental protection expenditure162300000000 yuan, the main work is as follows: out of 1.5tons of cement,31220000tons of iron,19250000 tons of coke in the backward production capacity to focus on energy conservation projects, promotion of advanced energy-saving technology, formed about 22000000tons of standard coal energy-saving ability promotion of efficient motor 5000000kW,160000000 energy-saving lamps, high efficiency energy saving air conditioning about 16000000, saving3300000 vehicles promoting new energy application and demonstration of the construction project, strengthening the construction of energy-saving renovation of existing building energy saving renovation, completed130000000 square meters the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities supporting pipe network20000 kilometers the implementation of three rivers and three lakes and the Songhua River basin water pollution prevention and control of major projects such as the support area, more than 1000 water the comprehensive improvement of the environment, drinking water source protection, the livestock pollution control projects in the 17provinces of about 10000 villages carry out remediation demonstration contiguous rural environment implementing the natural forest protection project phase two, consolidate retreat return n cultivated land forest, retreat herd to return grass outcomes enhanced heavy metal pollution comprehensive treatment. Comparison in 2011to complete the work, we think, in 2012 added a photovoltaic power generation scale, unconventional oil and gas resources and other clean energy and new energy automobile industry investment.

Energy saving is infinite good, funding is the key. From the electric power equipment industry related products, we believe that the energy-saving transformer, energy-saving motor, inverter, industrial waste heat boiler, denitration, building energy-saving products, energy management contract, the new energy industry will still benefit from the Internet of the central energy-saving emission reduction fiscal investment. The profits of industrial enterprises is still at the bottom, energy-saving investment will generally not strongly, industrial energy-saving products demand inadequacy. Net profit is good and this year will be incorporated into the assessment target of energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection investment will strongly. Power plant profits rebounded, and has a mandatory environmental objectives, expected with the power grid, power plant energy saving and environmental protection related to energy-saving transformer, denitration and other products demand. Recommendations concern and energy-saving transformer, denitration industry leading companies, such as confidence, Longyuan electrical technology.

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