why waste plastic can be refined into oil

Refining news / DATE:2012-8-15

It’s very scientific to refine oil from waste plastic. The process is that pyrolyzing waste plastic with depolymerizing agent and catalysts, and then molecules will be transformed into small molecule that is fuel oil.
The finished product is claimed to be a light, sweet liquid known as pygas which is marketable to a variety of industries and is equivalent in quality and consistency to benchmark crude oil.

The company explained that the pygas can be tailored to the specific requirement of an off-take customer, with diesel fuel, octane enhancers and gasoline blendstocks among the cuts that can be yielded. 


Additionally, RES said that refining equipment can be installed to further extract valuable aromatics from the finished product which in turn can be marketed to a broad audience of petrochemical blenders and manufacturers.


By-products of the production process include an inert char and a light non-condensable off gas, which the company said can be safely disposed of or used as a source of energy for the production vessel itself. 

RES added that alloys from tire wire, e-waste and other consumer products remain intact due to the low temperature process conditions and can be recovered for recycling as scrap metal.

The equipment refined oil from waste plastic can be sorted as follows
There are the 4th generation oil refining machine and 5th generation tire recycling equipment, which all have 5tons, 6tons, 8tons and 10tons equipment

The detail of recycling equipment can be seen fromhttp://www.china-doing.com/product.asp


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