Used tires have been recycling by pyrolysis machine

Used tires/tyres news / DATE:2012-8-14

Used tires have been recycling by pyrolysis machine, But why are we recycling the used tires? Because of much more tires to be discarded in every corner of our world. What to dispose of them, how to prevent more than a million of them from being illegally dumped are becoming serious questions that have frustrated the tire industry, environmentalists, and state and local governments for many years.

The pyrolysis machine is the heating of biomass to 500 Celsius in an oxygen deprived environment. (The reactor)

By removing most or all of the oxygen, the feedstock (in this case waste tires and plastics) doesn’t burn, but breaks down to the molecular level.

These molecules are then fed through a series of condensers.

The larger molecules are condensed into an oil type fuel similar to home heating oil or unrefined diesel fuel.

The molecules that are too small to condense are scrubbed and the end product is a gaseous fuel similar to Propane or Natural gas. (Syngas)
At present, scientists and engineers have developed two programs that will put tens - maybe hundreds of thousands of these waste tires, as well as those ubiquitous truck tire "gators" that haunt our highways, to utilize.
In the meanwhile, state taxpayer’s money will be saved.
The first one is to convert waste tires into an actual component of the pavement. Another one is to recycle scrap tire into energy. Of course, whether recycling tires into energy (i.e. crude oil, carbon black, and wire) or material paved in the road, all can save resources and create jobs.

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