Japanese companies are involved in renewable energy generation

Industry news / DATE:2012-6-5

Japanese companies are competing to develop power generation business, many listed companies even by the general assembly of shareholders to amend the company''s charter. Convenience store chain Rosen and Kinki Nippon railway about 40 homes across industries and enterprises will increase to put power related business stipulated by the company to operate within the scope of. Due to Japan in July will begin to implement the power company at a fixed price full acquisition of renewable energy such as solar energy the power system, so power and not directly related to other industries and enterprises are rushing into this field.

One of the most striking is the construction of large photovoltaic power stations and the revision of the articles of association of enterprises. Kyocera Corp has been associated with IHI and other companies to cooperate, the fastest will be in July in Japan ''''''''''''''''s Kagoshima City construction has a generating capacity of 70000 kilowatts of large-scale PV power station. A total investment of about 25000000000 yen, planning to lay about290000 solar panel.

In addition, Kinki Nippon railway also began to get involved in large-scale PV power station construction, the company will be the fastest in 2013in Japan, three counties along the vacant land on the building of power generation capacity of 2MW power station. As the most potential new business, or have been in commercial operation of the feasibility study.

Mitsui Chemicals has also shown interest in March for wind power generation. The company plans in Japan Aichi Tian Yuan City owned land to build three wind power generation facilities, power generation power of 2000 kilowatts each facility. In addition to the construction of 50000kilowatts of large photovoltaic power stations, the total investment is expected to reach 18000000000yen.

Also some enterprises began to use its own shops and residential participation in power generation business. The Rosen plan before February next year in 1000 stores within the set of photovoltaic power generation system. Except for the shop lighting, cold storage and air conditioning, also considered to local power companies for sale. Misawa Housing Corporation will have been built in the villa and apartment roof and a solar panel, the sale of electricity to power company is also under consideration. Independent Asset Management Co Sparx Group promising renewable energy investment value and modification of the articles of association of the company, in the institutional investor ''s request, will consider the establishment of specialized in the field of renewable energy power generation fund for.

Total amount of renewable energy acquisition system in late April, province of Japanese economy industry experts committee provisional power purchasing price. Photovoltaic power generation for every kilowatt hour42 yen ( about 3.35 yuan), the wind power is23.1~ 57.75 yen per kw. At present, the Committee of experts is to solicit opinions from all sides, prepared in a comprehensive consideration to the views of all parties after the final decision.

If the July total acquisition system is fully implemented, photovoltaic, wind and other 5 kinds of renewable energy electricity will be in accordance with the pricing by the power company for the acquisition. As far the purchase price is unclear, the sale of electricity is profitability remains to be verified, so the investment field of power generation enterprises are also many hold wait-and-see attitude.

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