What is waste rubber?

Used tires/tyres news / DATE:2012-8-11

What is waste rubber in China? As fellows:

The definition:
Waste rubber is a kind of solid waster, the main source is waste rubber products, for example, scrap tire, bicycle tires, rubber hose, tape, industrial groceries, etc. In addition, some rubber products are the scraps and wastes are produced in manufacturing process.

Waste rubber is a polymer pollutant, only second to waste plastic. Because rubber products don’t be biodegraded readily, which have become true "Black Contamination."

The current situation:
China is the largest rubber consumer in the world, the rubber consumption has reached the first in the world for seven years, also short of rubber resources, more than 75% of the natural rubber need to be imported  Which is the largest producer of waste rubber in the world, the pollution scrap rubber can not be ignored. Therefore, to handle and utilize correctly waste rubber and waste tyres is the inevitable choice to promote the science development of this industry in China.

The utilization of scrap rubber or tyre is an industry that reuse rubber products, shoes and rubber factory waste, after being reclaimed and processed, now which is an important part of the environmental protection.

With the rapid development of rubber industry, the output of waste rubber is increasing every year substantially. And with the development of the car industry, the demand of tires products continues to expand, waste tires have a rapid development tendency. Whether in the economic value term, or in the environmental term, it''''''''s vital for us to solve the problem of accumulation and pollution.

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