Wind power and other renewable energy power generation in the West have the opportunity

Industry news / DATE:2012-6-5

Core tip: western big development and energy development, need two feedback mechanism. Wind power and other renewable energy power generation, in the western region have the opportunity.

According to the provinces announces in 2012 the GDP expected growth, western region is generally higher than the expected growth in GDP, Eastern, which means, in the national energy-saving emission reduction situation is tight under the circumstances, western region''''s energy-saving emission reduction situation will be more grim.

Currently, western region of the energy-saving emission reduction work has some special difficulties, but also has its own advantages, so it needs policy support from central government. The energy saving and emission reduction difficulties mainly come from the domestic high energy-consuming industries from the east to the west of the transfer. With the development of economic law, at the same time to its economic growth, western the area carries out of high energy-consuming industrial transfer, originally very energy-saving emission reduction pressure increases.

Ministry of our country thing difference between income and development similar to the gap between developed and developing countries, say from this meaning, follow the international trade rules, east of high energy consumption and low end industry will be gradually transferred to the west. Although the central government to curb the high energy consumption industrial transfer to the west, but this trend is difficult to block. The West has broad development space, adequate resources, relatively low labour force price, and western the environment cost and population density is far lower than the eastern. The pollution of the environment cost and income level, population density is proportional to, if pollution is unavoidable, so relative to the East West environmental pollution cost is relatively low. Of course, the government could consciously in the policy on high energy transfer was inhibited or management, but the tide is irresistible, because resource configuration is commercialized behaviors and consequences, is the inevitable trend of economic development.

Rich renewable energy is western of development advantage. In energy saving and emission reduction under the big background, rich resources of the western provinces through developing renewable energy, promoting industrial development, energy structure tends to be clean, in order to achieve the emission reduction, appears to be a" road", but there are also difficulties. The western development, the pace towards renewable energy, especially solar and wind power project. But the western provinces of the region''''s market is limited, the excess electricity market lies in the long distance transmission, it would mean excess idle equipment. Due to the intermittent renewable energy generation, unstable characteristics, its effectiveness should also consider the energy storage, backup costs. And when the renewable energy share rises to certain ratio, power grid cost also will rise substantially, may exceed the cost of power generation. There is currently a lack of policy to define the transport cost sharing. The renewable energy development fund allowance generation side, but to Western clean energy power generation, power end and the final consumption between the end there is a considerable distance, therefore, does not consider the distribution end cost sharing is not reasonable. So it needs to solve the cost sharing problems, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the grid, as soon as possible to solve the synchronization problem.

In economic growth to compare fast stage, solar and wind power can not become the main force to guarantee the power supply. To guarantee the power supply is mainly rely on the stability of conventional energy. Even in the west, it is still mainly rely on coal to meet the energy needs of the incremental. Solar energy, wind energy and other clean energy power generation ratio is a gradual increase in the process. According to the experience of developed countries, only in power demand is quite stable, adequate supply situation, the extensive development of new energy sources to meet energy needs, to become possible.

Therefore, in view of thing ministry industry transfer and industrial structure difference problem, countries in energy saving and emission reduction targets, should give western more space. The present stage of economic growth and energy demand ratio ( or rigid East-West differences may exist, but the basic similarity), no energy support, no further development of the economy. Energy saving index allocation is a difficult process, now the index on the west is reasonable, index to fulfil and feedback circumstance how, should consider carefully.

To a country, the total control is the most important, but in a fixed "925" energy-saving emission reduction targets under the premise, how to build a reasonable cent province index system, it is worthy of further study.

Western big development from some kind of meaning is also energy development, however, need to take care of in the process of western development, to prevent the evolution of eastern to the western resource plunder.

First of all, by the West''''s energy to support the eastern economic growth, energy price must be reasonable. Because of the reasonable energy price can support the development of local economy, on the other hand is also beneficial to the inhibition of the eastern unreasonable energy consumption secondly, need to have two feedback mechanism. The first is based on the local ecological environment, the need for an effective ecological compensation mechanism. That is to say, sell energy money, the government should more feedback local ecological protection in order to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the development of energy. On the other hand, western big development is largely from the Western East Department of the flow of energy resources, from the western sustainable development perspective, there should be another feedback mechanism, is not only the wealth from the eastern to the western transfer, there should be a wealth to the people in general transfer process. Namely western the common people income rise accordingly, they can be more clean low energy, can enjoy a sustainable environment.

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