Doing’s waste tire recycling equipment can turn waste tire into oil

Used tires/tyres news / DATE:2012-7-25

Waste tire recycling equipment is a new type of device. Waste tire recycling equipment can transform waste tires into oil

Performing pyrolysis of scrap tires can not only protect the environment, but can also get 3 valuable materials from waste, achieve the idea of turn “waste” into wealth.
Pyrolysis plant or pyrolysis system manufactured by Doing is an industry for conversion of waste plastic and tires into usable products. For example, burning 10 ton of waste tyres can produce about 3.5t carbon black, 4.5t crude oil and 1.3t steel wire. Also pyrolysis plant is renewable energy generation system, which is designed to generate quality fuel from polymer waste.
Doing tire pyrolysis offers benefits as follows:

·Recover energy and value from waste in the form of fuel and charcoal

·Reduce plastic and tire land pollution

·Eco-friendly recycling of plastic and tire

·commercially viable process

·End product is used as substitute to furnace oil

·Perfect solution for Polymer waste management

·Raw material easily available

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