Civil construction mandatory renewable energy

Industry news / DATE:2012-6-5

It''''s reported that  the city''''s new public office buildings, affordable housing, the following 12 residential buildings, construction area of 10000 square meters of public buildings from July 1st, should use more than renewable energy for heating, cooling, lighting and hot water to supply. City Construction Bureau officials said, " three simultaneous" coercive measures will be promote renewable energy and building integration to be utilized.

In order to accelerate the development of the building energy in our city, City Construction Bureau recently released the" renewable energy such as solar energy and building integration and utilization management rules". The applicable provisions  to build the new construction, renovation and expansion of civil building. According to the introduction," renewable energy" refers to the solar energy, geothermal energy, biogas, wind energy, hydropower and other non fossil energy. " Integration of renewable energy use" refers to the building''''s heating, refrigeration, lighting and hot water supply, and ensure the synchronous designs, synchronous construction, check and accept. On the4 types of building other than new buildings and existing buildings, shall encourage and support the application of solar and other renewable energy, especially public lighting to encourage application of photovoltaic utilization system. This means that renewable energy will mass into the field of civil construction.

With previous encouraging renewable energy policy is different, after July 1st will bring obvious mandatory. Every part of the approval to use renewable energy control. A link can''''t pass, will cause the entire project jam. Bidding supervising mechanism in review tender documents and project quantity list should be examined whether the required configuration of solar and other renewable energy systems, not in accordance with the provisions of the bidding documents shall configuration. Construction design document review organizations should put renewable energy and building integration using design to include building energy-saving special review content, not through any review. Construction and the construction unit shall comply with design requirements of renewable energy system construction, installation, construction and synchronous delivery. Supervision units to renewable energy such as solar energy system in the supervision of content, to strengthen the supervision of construction process. According to the provisions shall implement renewable energy such as solar energy and building integrated utilization and no implementation of the project, which will not be completed acceptance, not produce quality supervision, not through a review of energy conservation, not for the completion and acceptance.

It is reported, from July 1st onwards, construction, design, construction, inspect manage unit plans to review, in violation of the renewable energy such as solar energy and building integration with the relevant provisions of the" energy law", according to the relevant provisions of the appropriate administrative penalties.

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