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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2016-3-3

Continuous waste tire recycling plant can realize raw material feeding and carbon black discharging continuously. High degree of automation is one of its biggest advantage.

Continuous waste  tire recycling plant  has the following advantage:


 The advantage of continuous waste  tire recycling plant

 Safety is most important for continuous or batch waste  tire recycling plant.
First, we have special safety devices like safety valve, thermometer, pressure value, water seal, oil water separator etc.
Second, we have strict testing devices from raw material till machine production.

2.Environmental friendly
 Continuous waste tire recycling plant can recycle waste tires into treasure which can not only protect waste tire pollution but also bring profit.
We have professional water dedusting system for continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant.

3.High degree of automation
Continuous waste tyre recycling plant can feed raw material and discharge carbon black continuously. The whole system is controlled by PLC, which is high automatic.

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