Pyrolysis Plant FAQ /Technology

FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2016-3-3

crude oil  distillation amchine

Diesel oil

----- Diesel 85-90%
Since tire/plastic pyrolysis oil is a kind of special oil, which has big difference with petroleum from underground mining.
Of course diesel made from tire/plastic pyrolysis oil is little different from petro-diesel.
But through our experiences and feedbacks from our customers that this diesel product can be directly used in diesel burners, generators, farm machinery and heavy industrial equipments.
Only when used in modern diesel engines, it would be better mixed with petro-diesel in 30-50%.

But if your raw material is waste engine oil, then no need to worry.
Waste engine oil after distillation is the same as standard diesel, which can be used for any applications same as petro-diesel.

   crude oil  distillation amchine


Asphalt 10-15%
Asphalt is a byproduct in the oil distillation process.
But this asphalt product can be directly sold to asphalt plant or Construction Company.

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