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FAQ of pyrolysis plant / DATE:2014-11-5

The pyrolysis oil is a good fuel for heating, boiler, power generation, brick factory, glass factory, cement factory, refined into diesel, etc. Many countries are importing fuel oil all over the world, as the pyrolysis oil has a good fuel value nearly equal to the petroleum based crude oil. So the fuel oil has a widely market. For the raw material of the pyrolysis oil is cheap so the pyrolysis oil is very profitable too.

During the production process of the pyrolysis oil. There will be no waste water, waste gas or solid waste generating. So the pyrolysis oil is a green energy. The raw material for generating pyrolysis oil is waste tyre or waste plastic. The pyrolysis oil has a 50%-70% fuel value compared with the petroleum based crude oil and the pyrolysis oil can be refined into diesel.So even you sell the pyrolysis oil in a low price you can make money.

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